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Food Manager Certification
Take your state's approved certification course for managers to be a certified food manager operator.

Food Safety for Handlers
Most states require that any employee in charge of handling, preparing, or storing food must be a certified food handler. Take the Food Safety for Handlers course to learn your responsibilities as a food handler.

Food Certification Courses
Food safety certification/re-certification for managers or Food Safety for Handlers course is an easy way for restaurant managers or food service employees to get the food safety certification training they need to help pass an ANSI/CFP approved exam.

Get your Food Training Done Completely online!
The online interactive courses developed by PSCC are state of the art and include text, audio, video, images, flashcards, and interactive quizzes. The interactive learning system ensures a fun and effective learning process.

Food Safety Training for Your Entire staff
Learn how we can help get your staff certified as food handlers or help you get your staff through any of our food safety certification courses with our easy to use Employer Package. Call us or email us to find out more.

More Food and Alcohol Training Courses?
Fserving offers a variety of PSCC training courses to help you get more out of your job. For more training courses for food handles, food managers, alcohol servers, waiters, waitresses and others visit us www.Rserving.com

Three easy steps to get Wisconsin Bartending License/Permit: 
  1. Order your "Manager or Food Safety for Handlers" course Enroll Now
  2. Take the course online at your leisure
  3. Print your official certificate online instantly
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